(From a speech delivered by Senator Taft at the Gettysburg National Cemetery 1946)

There is one step now proposed, supported by government propaganda, which seems to me to strike at the very basis of freedom. It is the proposal that we establish compulsory military training in time of peace. The power to take a boy from his home and subject him to complete government discipline is the most serious limitation on freedom that can be imagined.

Military training by conscription means the complete regimentation of the individual at his most formative period for a period of twelve months. If we admit that in peacetime we can deprive a man of all liberty and voice and freedom of action, if we can take him from his family and his home, then we can do the same with labor, we can order the farmer to produce and we can take over any business. If we can draft men, it is difficult to find an argument against drafting capital.

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Η υποχρεωτική στράτευση είναι σοσιαλισμός :Ρ Αντί να διατάξει το Κράτος κάποιον να πάει να σκάψει ή να παράξει το τάδε αγαθό ή την δείνα υπηρεσία, τον διατάζει να πάει να φυλάει σκοπιά σε κάποιο στρατόπεδο ή να μαζεύει πευκοβελόνες.

«When a nationwide railroad strike loomed, it was the democrat Harry Truman who proposed to draft the strikers into the army and force them to keep working, and it was Senator Taft who led the opposition to the move as slavery.» – Murray Rothbard

draft the strikers….η κυβέρνηση μας το έχει κάνει και αυτό, τότε με τους ναυτεργάτες 🙂